Can Committee Members Be Paid For Their Duties?

Considering that a large proportion of the properties in residential complexes are most likely being used as holiday homes, it can often prove difficult to find potential committee members. The fact that the position is a voluntary one doesn’t do much to sell it either. This may go some way towards explaining why we are often asked whether committee members might be paid for their duties.

The bottom line is that as a rule of thumb, human beings usually meet challenges for at least a couple of reasons. Either they are motivated by vested interest or they anticipate making some kind of gain through whatever it is they are being encouraged to take part in. That said Cyprus residential complex committees are set up with the property owner’s best interest at heart, so potential members are more likely to be motivated by the former.

Should committee members be paid?

When considering the idea of whether members should be paid or not, the keyword of focus is likely to be “volunteer”. Mainly because that is exactly where the committee will be coming from when it is seeking new members. As such, it is rare if not unheard of for members to be paid for carrying out duties directly related to the operation of the committee itself.

Services provided to the committee

Services provided to the committee on behalf of the fee-paying owners, however, such as cleaning, maintenance, repairs and management would be another matter. After all, many committees employ and pay management companies to carry out all or some of the above. The same could apply to sole contractors or companies that are engaged to carry out repairs to the communal areas and facilities such as building repairs and painting etc.

Issues with vested interests

There doesn’t appear to be any concise interpretation concerning clashes of interest within Cyprus property law as it appertains to residential complex committees. However, members ought to be guided by common sense. Having a policy-influencing committee member who is likely to carry out work which is ultimately paid for by their fellow property owners may not sit too well. Furthermore, human nature being fickle as it is, such an arrangement isn’t likely to be conducive to the smooth running of the complex or committee.

Keeping everything tidy

Good accounting and the absence of any “blurred lines” are much more likely to benefit all concerned and keep everyone happy in the bargain. To this end, it makes perfect sense to employ the services of a professional complex management company. 

Lee Property Services are that company and we can take care of every aspect of your complex. From advising on insurance and legal matters to providing accounting and budget forecasting, we deal with them all. Our legal and accountancy partners are also highly adept at collecting fees and recovering outstanding balances that stretch back over many years.

Call the Cyprus complex management specialist at Lee Property Services now on 23831194 to get your committee back on track.   

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