Do We Have to Register Our Cyprus Residential Complex Committee?

While it is essential that your complex forms a committee to administer the finances and day-to-day running of your complex’s maintenance and cleaning, registering with the Cyprus Land Registry is not a legal requirement. That said any “Custom Regulations” falling within the remit of the immovable property regulations are. Although not compelled to by law, even complex’s which do not yet have title deeds can register.

Apart from the obvious ambiguities that Cyprus property law inadvertently throws up, there has been some ongoing confusion surrounding the difference between custom regulations and those that are considered to be part of the legal remit. To make matters even more challenging, most residential Cyprus complex committees are operated by ordinary residents, who understandably, have only a limited knowledge of the legal framework.

The dangers of “flying blind”

Simply ticking all the boxes and hoping that your committee is following the sometimes vague interpretation of the legal rules has the potential to put those cited as responsible persons into “hot water”. The bottom line is that there is no room for supposition within the strict legal remit of the rules. As with many such systems, you won’t know how robust your committee is until there is an issue, at which time it may already be too late.

How can you ensure that your committee is meeting the legal requirements?

Without a degree in Cypriot law, it is nigh on impossible for ordinary committee members to ensure that they are fully complying with the often complex residential committee laws. While some serious due diligence will put you in good stead, there is still room for some variation in how the rules might be interpreted. Choosing to work with a team of experts is likely to render the best results and keep your committee on the right side of the rules. Finding such a team however can often prove to be something of a challenge in itself, with plenty of misinformation, dead ends and even costly insurance schemes on offer.

Expert help is only a phone call away

The really good news is that the expert help most committees need is only a phone call away. Having already assisted in setting up and working with numerous Cyprus residential committees, Kirsty & Lee Property Maintenance Ltd can consider themselves experts in the field. Furthermore, we have partnered with leading Cyprus lawyers to ensure that committees are compliant with all the legal aspects appertaining to them.

With almost a decade and a half of experience behind us, we are confident that we can make the lives of your committee members and residents run much smoother. Call us on (00357 23831194) or visit  for more details of our wide range of Cyprus complex management services.

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