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Legal Support for your Cyprus Complex Committee

Forming a committee, holding an AGM (annual general meeting) and ensuring that the outcomes concerning your complex are legally binding are now mandatory under Cyprus law. The upshot of this state of affairs is that it is now essential that your complex committee retains the services and support of a recognised Cyprus lawyer. 

How You Will Benefit From Our Legal Expertise

Along with being able to provide the framework to set up the committee which is required by law, our legal team are then able to provide legal help on a cost-effective retainer basis. This is now common practice and it ensures that any advice and support is readily available as and when needed. It also provides the legal undertaking for AGM’s to be hosted on time and following Cyprus law. More pertinently, this situation will ensure that all the decisions made by your committee are enforceable and legally binding. The only costs to your complex committee above and beyond the retainer fee will be out of pocket expenses such as court stamps and for lodging cases etc.

A Legal Team That You Can Trust

Here at Lee Property Services, we have partnered with legal teams who have already proven themselves in the highly specialised field of Cyprus complex management law. Choosing a legal entity that is both conversant and expert in all aspects of property law appertaining to residential complexes is, therefore, a prerequisite for success.

You owe it to your residents and committee to secure the best value-for-money legal services available, so contact the team here at Lee Property Services today.

Your Cyprus property in good hands

LEE property services provides quality property services to suit your individual needs. Through attention to detail and as a professional team, we aim exceed your expectations first time, every time. We specialise in communal property management and maintenance. Should you require help and advise, or for us to provide you with a free quotation, please feel free to contact one of our team members who will be more than willing to assist you.

We have lots of other sites that we look after and will be happy to provide you with references. All our work is carried out on an “open-accounting basis” so you can see exactly where the money is going and what is being purchased. We pride ourselves on being able to reduce the running cost of your complex as well as taking away all of the hassle associated with running the property – leaving you free to enjoy your property as intended.

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