Important Information Needed When Seeking a Communal Complex Quote

In light of recent global events and the current financial situation, anyone involved in budgeting will want to ensure that their funds are well spent. Communal complex committees, too, will be under even greater pressure to get the best possible value-for-money services for their fee-paying owners. Obtaining an accurate quote, has, therefore, never been more […]

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Our Brief Guide to Making Correct Cyprus Complex Committee Decisions

Standing as a member of a Cyprus residential complex committee comes with a high level of responsibility. Not least because any legal claims such as third-party litigations appertaining to the communal areas will rest solely with the committee and thus, ultimately its appointed officers. Perhaps this goes a long way towards explaining why we are […]

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Communal Fees and How Much You Should Expect to Pay

One of the most strongly contested areas of Cyprus Communal Management schemes is the whole issue of fees. Not just who is responsible for their payment, but how much should individual property owners be expected to pay? In the following, we aim to bring some clarification to some of the issues surrounding the collection and […]

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Complex Service Providers and Contract Lengths

The thought of outsourcing the management of your Cyprus residential complex might be a rather daunting prospect, but it is now the number one choice of most resident committees. While there are likely to be several reasons for this, the primary one is likely to have something to do with how much easier it can […]

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Can I become a Cyprus complex committee member and how?

Since the major and beneficial changes in Cyprus property law, complex resident committees are now a legal obligation. To this end, we receive a steady flow of enquiries concerning whether and how individuals might become committee members. In this article, we explore who is entitled, how the process works and, most importantly, what a committee […]

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How Cyprus Communal Fees should be calculated

Fees are the lifeblood of any Cyprus communal complex committee and they are essential to its correct and successful operation. That is why calculating and collecting these fees is crucial and can make the difference between yours being a thriving and pristine complex or a rundown and a neglected eyesore. While calculating the communal fee […]

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Can Committee Members Be Paid For Their Duties?

Considering that a large proportion of the properties in residential complexes are most likely being used as holiday homes, it can often prove difficult to find potential committee members. The fact that the position is a voluntary one doesn’t do much to sell it either. This may go some way towards explaining why we are […]

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Do We Have to Register Our Cyprus Residential Complex Committee?

While it is essential that your complex forms a committee to administer the finances and day-to-day running of your complex’s maintenance and cleaning, registering with the Cyprus Land Registry is not a legal requirement. That said any “Custom Regulations” falling within the remit of the immovable property regulations are. Although not compelled to by law, […]

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The Importance of Committee Insurance

Following an article that we published last month concerning communal insurance, we have received feedback from some of our readers concerning their confusion over the difference between communal and committee insurance. In the following, we aim to clarify this difference while at the same time offering a brief resume of why committee insurance is also […]

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Why Communal Insurance is Crucial to Successful Complex Management

You could be forgiven for thinking that residents and committee members have enough to concern themselves with in respect of the day to day running of communal complexes, without the added headache of liability. You may be somewhat surprised to learn that there is still something of a “head in the sand” attitude towards planning […]

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