The Importance of Planning Your AGM

The adage “fail to plan and you are planning to fail” couldn’t ring any truer than it does in respect of preparing for your committee’s AGM (annual general meeting). Anyone who has ever taken part in a meeting conducted within committee rules will be all-too-familiar with the many pitfalls that lie in wait for the unwary or inexperienced member. From wasted time and trivial objections to self-interest and misinformation, they all have the potential to knock your AGM “off track”.

Apart from being a legal requirement, the AGM provides the ideal opportunity to generate annual reports, review expenditures and make those all-important plans for the future. It also offers members a chance to vote on the election of key posts such as committee members, secretary and treasurer. Bearing in mind that it only takes place once a year, the importance of how such decisions are reached cannot be stressed strongly enough.

Creating a workable agenda

Without an agenda, your AGM is likely to lack any cohesive direction and will soon plunge into chaos and disorder. Much the same as a “to do” list, items should be ordered by number and priority, leaving any less crucial matters till the end in the unlikely case that time simply runs out. It is also a legal requirement that “minutes” are taken, which is simply a written account of what is discussed at the AGM, the decisions made and who said what concerning each item on the agenda.

For an AGM to run smoothly and achieve its goals only items already listed on the agenda must be discussed. A best practice is to advise residents that any matters they wish to be discussed are sent to the secretary or chairperson for consideration of inclusion well before the proposed date of the AGM. 

Staying on track

The AGM will be led by a chairperson who is responsible among other things for ensuring that the agenda is followed, votes are counted and that constructive comments are heard and recorded in the minutes. It is this person who ensures that the meeting stays “on track’ and, therefore, fulfils the goals of the agenda.    

It is important that, while they will most likely be an owner of a property on the complex, they should remain unbiased and interested in the overall welfare of the property owners as a collective. Keeping order at an AGM can sometimes be a challenging task as some residents’ may seize the opportunity to air grievances and make complaints that have not been submitted to the agenda. With this in mind, the chairperson needs to have the ability to firmly guide those at the meeting towards addressing only the matters on the agenda. 

Who to turn to for AGM help and advice 

The good news is that help is at hand in all matters of complex committees and management from organising and conducting your AGM to generating accounts and financial reconciliation. 

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