Newsletters – Why the Committee Should Send Them, How Often and What to Include

There is little doubt that regular communication is the key to avoiding misunderstandings and making savings in the valuable time taken in dealing with such issues. The great news is that a regular newsletter can be emailed to every property owner on your complex at the press of a button at any time to suit your committee. From AGM reports and regular financial updates to the latest local news as it affects residents, a newsletter provides a powerful tool for communication.

More importantly, property owners can be made immediately aware of any issues that may be of concern to them. Such a medium also confirms a sense of inclusion to those who receive it, making them more likely to contribute towards the overall “wellbeing” of the complex. Regular newsletters are also a powerful tool for touching base with apartment or villa owners who may spend the majority of their time outside the country.

Communicating the essentials

Apart from bringing urgent news to the attention of those who need to hear it, your complex committee newsletter will also go a long way in fulfilling some of your legal obligations. Since residents committees are now an obligation under Cyprus law, responsible persons are expected to make every effort to advise both members and residents of the items such law covers. These would include finance, minutes of the AGM and any reports which come within the remit of the committee. Election of members, emergency measures that may need to be implemented at short notice and any spending beyond the committees agreed remit could also be communicated in this way.

Creating community

Perception can either be your ally or your foe and small misunderstandings can easily blossom into gapping divisions that have the potential to create a “them and us” situation between committee and residents. This can be especially pertinent when property owners spend the majority of their time outside the country and the sense of community is lost. Your regular newsletter provides the ideal remedy because it has the potential to keep every resident apprised of the more positive aspects of life on their complex.

When to publish and send your complex newsletter

There is nothing more irritating than being bombarded with emails that you don’t have time to open let alone read and overload is the quickest way to ensure that yours goes straight into the trash. As already highlighted, AGM’s are one of the most crucial aspects of your complex committee, so it would make perfect sense to send a newsletter as soon as possible after that. An ideal pattern of updates that are sent out quarterly (every three months following the AGM newsletter) should provide the ideal balance.

Who would be responsible for your newsletter?

In an ideal world, the secretary or whoever takes responsibility for the communications of your committee would be the sensible choice for compiling and sending your newsletter. Then again, complex committees have been somewhat “thrust upon” residents who never signed up for the hassle that can so often come with the territory. Therefore, no matter how valuable regular newsletters may be, committee members will often as not find that they already have more than enough administrative demands placed upon their available time. 

The perfect solution to your newsletter dilemma

Here at Kirsty & Lee Property Maintenance Ltd, we take the hassle out of every aspect of forming and administrating complex committees. Along with managing the nuts and bolts of the daily running, we offer a full range of administrative services. While the compiling and sending of your newsletter doesn’t fall within our standard admin fees, together with our media partners, we can provide a surprisingly cost-effective solution. Harness the power of a regular newsletter without the hassle by calling us today on 00357 23831194 or visit us online now at for more details.  

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