Complex Service Providers and Contract Lengths

The thought of outsourcing the management of your Cyprus residential complex might be a rather daunting prospect, but it is now the number one choice of most resident committees. While there are likely to be several reasons for this, the primary one is likely to have something to do with how much easier it can make the whole process.

However, there remains some confusion among committees as to exactly how long a contract should run for. After all, “getting into bed” with a company with no track record or client recommendation for several years could be nothing short of scary. The fact is, that the normal contract length is one year and that can be a long time should the relationship fail to deliver as planned.

Is there any facility to try before you buy?

While (according to law at least) a contract provides a legal agreement to the benefit of both parties, things don’t always work out in the real world. Although there is no obvious provision to “try-before-you-buy”, your committee always has the option to try some of the specific services which a potential management company would provide.

These could be anything from the cleaning of the communal areas or sourcing an impending repair, to pool maintenance and professional advice. The hard truth is, however, that the greater part of successful complex management lies in the financial, legal and administrative activities. This means, that while engaging a company to carry out the “heavy lifting” on a trial basis may seem like an attractive idea, it won’t have any major overall effect. 

Confidence in signing up for a contract.

While we may have our axe to grind, we are, however, confident that our clients do benefit from our wealth of complex management experience. Rather than waste the committee and owner’s valuable time (and fees) trialling some unknown quantity, it is surely more prudent to invest in a company with a proven record and positive client feedback.

Although it is understandable why committees are reluctant, if not concerned about locking themselves into contracts, the upside is that they offer stability and reassurance. This latter point is pertinent to both parties because after all, isn’t stability the aim of any committee which seeks to serve the best interest of those on whose behalf it is charged to operate?     

The path to successful complex management

The reality is that the requirement for Cyprus residential complex committees is intended to offer greater levels of protection to owners and residents. To a greater extent, this has been evidenced where professional management companies have taken on the mantle. Therefore, any committee and the owners whom it serves, have a duty both legally and morally to ensure that they have carried out at least a modicum of due diligence.

Choosing wisely

With one-year complex management contracts being the norm, choosing the right company will ultimately pay off in the form of long-term benefits. The team here at Lee Property Services has access to expert accounting and legal advice from specialist Cyprus property lawyers. We offer a complete range of complex management services from budgets and accounting to cleaning and maintenance.

Call the Complex management professionals now on 23831194 and be confident that you are making the best possible choice.  

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