Who Is Responsible For Paying Communal Fees?

Owners of properties within complexes that have shared facilities and communal areas are likely to incur the costs involved in cleaning and maintaining such areas. These communal areas may include anything from shared stairways and corridors to gardens, parking, and even swimming pools. As you may imagine, the cost of maintaining such areas can be rather substantial especially in some of the larger complexes. While we may already have provided some level of clarification as to “who is responsible for these fees” we aim to give much more in this article. So if you own a property within a complex you could benefit from reading further.

So who should be paying then?

The short answer to “who should be paying” is anyone and everyone that owns property within your complex but you may already be in the unfortunate position of knowing that this isn’t always the case. Don’t lose heart, however, if it seems like yourself and a few other concerned owners are carrying the load while some less scrupulous individuals think that they can make use of the complexes communal areas at your expense. Thanks to a recent clarification of the rules and laws governing residential property in complexes, help is now at hand when it comes to ensuring that everyone is sharing the cost.

A common issue with complex properties and communal fees

The bottom line is that by their very nature, properties on developments that have communal areas and facilities attract communal fees. One of the major problems in the past has been that some owners simply refuse to contribute for a variety of reasons. While some of these arguments may appear to be based on some form of slightly twisted logic, they don’t actually stand up under the recent clarifications concerning property complexes. One of the most damaging aspects of the underlying attitude that underlies this refusal to contribute to communal fees  that it leads those owners who are already paying their dues to question why they are bothering. The upshot is that in some instances in the past, they too have then stopped paying and this has had a seriously negative impact on the physical state of the complex.

The working solution to your communal fees problems

Since the situation has been clarified by lawyers, developers, and property management specialists, owners of properties within such complexes are compelled to form a residents committee. The purpose of these committees is to work with a separate entity that is able to provide the maintenance and management of the communal areas and facilities. While this may deal with managing the property it may not be so effective when it comes to compelling those owners who continue to avoid paying the fees to now do so. This is where a professional property management company comes into the picture and they are able to offer a much wider remit than simply organising maintenance.

Why your complex needs a professional property management company

One of the keynote services provided by a professional property management company is a “full” complex management scheme. This will include managing the finances and sourcing the practical services that your communal areas need.

They will be able to provide a flexible package that includes everything you need from forming your resident’s committee and appointing responsible persons to the setting up of the legally required AGMs (annual general meetings). Perhaps, more importantly, they will have access to a dedicated Cyprus lawyer who specialises in such matters. The good news is that under such schemes, residents committees will now have the facilities to force none payers to “cough up” their share of the agreed fees and several complexes are already seeing the benefits of this.

Making the right choice when partnering with a property management specialist

If some of the above strikes a chord for you or you are able to relate to the issues we have outlined in this article, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain from engaging a complex management company. Flexibility is a key factor and the more professional establishments will provide the option for you to make as much or as little use of their services as suits your specific circumstances. A proven track record that shows tangible results in terms of managing budgets, providing a diverse range of services, and actively acquiring fees from every resident will tell you everything that you need to know about your potential choice.

The really good news about communal fees

The good news is that there is a Cyprus property management company that fulfils all of the above criteria and much more besides. If you want to know how they can help you with everything from collecting communal fees to managing your budgets contact https://www.lee-ps.com/them now!

Your Cyprus property in good hands

LEE property services provides quality property services to suit your individual needs. Through attention to detail and as a professional team, we aim exceed your expectations first time, every time. We specialise in communal property management and maintenance. Should you require help and advise, or for us to provide you with a free quotation, please feel free to contact one of our team members who will be more than willing to assist you.

We have lots of other sites that we look after and will be happy to provide you with references. All our work is carried out on an “open-accounting basis” so you can see exactly where the money is going and what is being purchased. We pride ourselves on being able to reduce the running cost of your complex as well as taking away all of the hassle associated with running the property – leaving you free to enjoy your property as intended.

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