What Should Be Covered In The Communal Fees?

While what exactly is covered under the communal fees will vary from one complex to another, as a rule of thumb, it is an area, utility, or facility that is shared in common with most if not all of the properties on that complex. This, of course, can cover a wide remit and that is why issues often crop up concerning who should pay for what and more importantly why. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that most disputes and misunderstandings around the subject of what is covered are rooted in the financial cost. After all, nobody wants to pay for something they don’t use or to feel that they are paying more for something than another property owner.

Fixed assets and communal areas

Areas such as communal staircases, corridors, paths, and the roadway itself (on a private development) could all attract communal fees but there is a lot more to the picture than that. While all such areas need cleaning and maintaining, there are other assets and facilities that may attract higher and more specific operating costs and these too need to be paid for by everyone that has use of them. Gardens and pool areas are also likely to come under the communal remit and their maintenance can be one of the most costly items both in terms of an on-going expense and unscheduled repairs.

Considering the building itself

While the external repair and maintenance of individual dwellings such as villas, townhouses, and maisonettes are almost always the responsibility of the owners, apartment blocks prevent their own unique set of challenges. Apartment block roofs, in particular, can be something of an ambiguous matter as they may be included in the shell of the building or related to penthouse apartments. In a few instances, individual blocks within a complex could be treated as separate entities but such cases are rare in Cyprus. Where roofs are viewed as communal assets the fees should take into account insurance against water and other damages that would rest with the resident’s committee. Painting of the exterior of the building and any care for retaining walls would also come within the same remit.


Where utilities are shared such as electricity for lighting in passageways, stairwells, and street lights, these will attract a separate energy bill. The same applies to water for communal taps and showers and these are likely to prove more costly where communal pools are concerned. While on the subject of communal swimming pools, it may be appropriate to employ the services of a separate pool maintenance company. This will also reflect as an additional cost that is borne by the communal fees budget.


Considering the number of elderly residents that occupy many of the apartment blocks in Cyprus many developers have had the foresight to install lifts in the complexes that they build. Bearing in mind the safety issues, maintenance demands, and the power usage of this facility, it is hardly surprising that they too attract some heavy expense and once again that is serviced via the communal fees.

It is worth noting that in some instances apartment block lifts are serviced by a separate electricity supply and generate their own account.

General maintenance

From lighting and plumbing to stairwell doors, landing windows, and car parking areas, they all require maintenance and repair at some time or another and that has to be paid for. While your chosen Cyprus property management company may not be expert in all trades it should be able to provide the reputable companies that are able to deal with each and every aspect of your communal maintenance.

Cleaning of communal areas

The levels of service provided by contract cleaners in Cyprus can vary dramatically and there is no doubt that your resident’s committee will want to ensure that it is getting the best possible value-for-money. In instances where owners generate income from holiday rentals, cleanliness is likely to rate as something of a priority if they are to attract repeat bookings. It makes perfect sense, therefore, to ensure that your fees for cleaning are being well spent.

Getting the most out of your communal areas and facilities

One of the most efficient ways to get the best from the fees that you and your fellow property owners are paying is to employ the services of a professional property management company. Such a company can assist you with everything from forming a residents committee to efficiently managing your communal budget and finding the best services to get the practicalities of the job done.

If you want to ensure that you are getting the best value-for-money and that your communal affairs are running smoothly and hassle-free you should contact the property management professionals in Southeast Cyprus now!

Your Cyprus property in good hands

LEE property services provides quality property services to suit your individual needs. Through attention to detail and as a professional team, we aim exceed your expectations first time, every time. We specialise in communal property management and maintenance. Should you require help and advise, or for us to provide you with a free quotation, please feel free to contact one of our team members who will be more than willing to assist you.

We have lots of other sites that we look after and will be happy to provide you with references. All our work is carried out on an “open-accounting basis” so you can see exactly where the money is going and what is being purchased. We pride ourselves on being able to reduce the running cost of your complex as well as taking away all of the hassle associated with running the property – leaving you free to enjoy your property as intended.

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