The Importance of Air Conditioning Maintenance in Holiday Villas and Apartments

If you have air conditioning in your holiday villa or apartment, there is every chance that you give it little if any thought while it keeps operating as you expect it to. This is likely to be even more the case if you are taking advantage of an income from renting your Cyprus property to holidaymakers. Nothing is more likely to put your guest off renting again than a good sweltering in the heat of summer when your air conditioning fails to deliver after they turn it on.

Prevention over cure

Like the Boy Scouts say “you should always be prepared” and having someone reliable at hand who understands the mysteries of AC can be a lifesaver for both you and your Cyprus holiday guests. A far better plan is, of course, to avoid any AC issues in the first place and that is much easier and cost-effective than you may imagine. Routine maintenance and inspection of the air conditioning units in your property will “nip in the bud” any minor issues before they have a chance to turn into major and expensive problems if left undetected.

Saving money with air conditioning maintenance

You probably need no reminding that anything that uses electricity will operate more cost-effectively if it is working to its maximum efficiency. Regular inspections and maintenance will make sure that this happens and it will also stave off those nasty unexpected AC repair bills too. Murphy’s law can be relied upon to ensure that any air conditioning problems only occur at the most inopportune moment and there is actually a great deal of logic behind this state of affairs. In short; it is usually when an electrical appliance is put under pressure that the cracks are likely to appear.

Some sobering facts and figures

If you are interested in retaining the maximum amount of the return you make from letting your property and keeping your energy costs under control you should consider the following. The average air conditioning unit loses 5% of its efficiency for every year that it doesn’t receive maintenance. If you do the math, the reality is that within 5 years every single AC unit in your property could be running at a whopping 25% of inefficiency and that is provided that the lack of maintenance doesn’t kill it first! The bottom line is that correctly maintained units operate to their maximum efficiency and that can reduce each and every unit’s energy costs by a whopping 25%!

Long-term savings through air conditioning maintenance

Reliable sources estimate that regular air conditioning maintenance has the ability to effectively double the working life of a unit. Whatever size of property you own, that fact alone has serious ramifications on your potential return on investment especially when you consider that the average cost of a replacement AC unit could be anywhere between €500 to €1000 or even more! You don’t have to be a neuroscientist to work out that with the punishment that is often applied to your units by the guest during the hot season, that life could be a lot shorter than you might have liked.

AC maintenance for improved health and hygiene

One of the key concerns that many people express concerning the use of air conditioning is that it continually recycles the same air in the room when cooling (or even heating) it over and again.

No matter how efficient the contract cleaners are that keep your apartment or villa spick and span, there will still be some dust in that air. The filters in your air conditioning are designed to remove this dust and keep the cooled or warmed air clean when it passes back into the room. In virtually no time at all, these filters can become overworked (clogged) and this impacts on the unit’s ability to keep the air clean. Regular maintenance not only addresses this issue, but your maintenance engineer will also spray the filters and interior unit with a special solution to enhance the cleanliness of the air coming back into the room.

Taking care of the technical stuff that keeps you AC running at its peak

Air conditioning units operate by compressing a special gas and that is all done through the wizard trickery of electric motors and clever electronic technology. The reality is that even in a state-of-the-art sealed system, this gas will still dissipate over time and the pressure will drop. The upshot of this is that the motor will then have to run longer to pressurise the remainder of the gas and that means it will consume more energy and you will be landed with a bigger electricity bill! Everything from energy usage and the condition of the systems electrical components to the tension of the drive belts and the efficiency of the technology is checked. A professional AC technician will ensure that they are all working to their maximum during a regular maintenance and inspection routine.

To learn more about how a professional property management company can help you to save money through correct AC contact us now!

Your Cyprus property in good hands

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