Solar Solutions for Properties and Pools in Cyprus

One thing that you can guarantee here in Cyprus is the weather and that is why millions of holidaymakers flock to the Island every single year. In fact, an average of over 320 days of sunshine graces Cyprus yearly. Unless you live under a stone or have made a conscious choice to drop off the grid you will know that all that sun is a remarkable source of free and sustainable energy. What many people consider even more remarkable, however, is that it is a natural resource in Cyprus that appears to be used far below its huge potential.

So why are they putting the wind up us?

If you have ever driven along some of the stretches of the trans-coastal highway network that connects the major population centres on the island you can’t possibly have missed those monstrous wind turbines. Perhaps, along with us and many others, you have scratched your head in puzzlement wondering why such an expensive option for generating electricity was chosen over solar power. While we don’t profess to be energy experts, it does throw up some interesting questions, especially when you consider that solar solutions have successfully been used in other ways here in Cyprus for decades.

Lashings of free hot water

Solar-generated hot water has been a feature in most properties on the island from villas and apartments to hotels and businesses for decades now. Even during the cooler winter months of January and February, there are plenty of days when the electric water heater doesn’t need to be switched on. The Cypriots along with other Eastern Mediterranean’s have refined and perfected what is virtually a trouble free and highly efficient method of turning free sunshine into gallons of piping hot water. In fact, properties that don’t include solar-powered hot water are the exception rather than the rule.

Taking the solar energy initiative

According to the experts, Cyprus has a huge potential for solar power yet the country only expects as little as 7% of its electricity to be generated in this way by as soon as 2020. What is even more surprising is that this landmark level of renewable energy generation will put the country ahead of every one of its Mediterranean neighbours apart from the Spaniards who are scheduled to pip them at the post by merely a nose at 8%. That said, the government-owned (at present anyway) electricity authority of Cyprus does at least pay some lip service by encouraging property owners themselves to take advantage of solar-generated electricity.

DIY solar generated electricity

At present (2019) the initial cost of installing a solar power electricity generation system falls squarely into the laps of home and business owners in Cyprus who are brave enough to foot the bill. Once they have, the state-owned Power Company is more than happy to buy their surplus kilowatts from them at a knock-down price before feeding them back into the power grid and selling them on at a profit. If you are looking for the government grants and incentives you would surely expect to be forthcoming in respect of your energy and environment saving initiatives, don’t bother because there aren’t any!

Perhaps the fact that it is a government-owned institution that sells what is probably the most expensive electricity in Europe, explains why they still chose to create it in the least possible environmentally friendly fashion.

Taking advantage of solar energy in other ways

One of the latest innovations to hit the market here in Cyprus is the solar powered swimming pool filtration pump. Considering that your pool usage likely matches the amount of warm sunshine that is available, this is one idea that works exceptionally well. While the initial cost of the special pump, electronics, and solar system are not what you would consider being cheap, the benefits in cost savings will be coming back your way after only a few years of use. That is, of course, as long as the electricity in Cyprus continues to cost as much as it currently does.

Looking forward to a sunnier future

The good news is that following the financial difficulties in Cyprus a few years back the government is under European instruction to privatise and open up to competition its government-controlled utilities. The ports and airports have already gone down this route and although it is likely to be done amid plenty of kicking and screaming from the unions and other interested political factions, electricity and telecommunications do look set to follow.

If you want to know more about how you can utilise solar energy to save on your utilities Contact the Cyprus property management professionals now!

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