Our Top Winter Tips for Empty Cyprus Villas and Apartments

Despite enjoying over 320 days of sunshine every year, Cyprus does have a winter of sorts and most owners of holiday villas and apartments tend to close them up for a least a few months of the year. Anxious property owners who often live thousands of miles away can experience more than their fair share of sleepless nights unless they are convinced that their holiday homes are safe, secure, and problem free. In the following article, we provide some useful hints and tips that will have you sleeping soundly and dreaming of your next sun-filled Cyprus holiday.

Remembering to take care of the basics

While some of the following may appear obvious you may be surprised to discover that property management companies in Cyprus come across instances of them all at some time or another. While crime is still nowhere near as big an issue in Cyprus as other parts of Europe, security of your property should be your first concern. You can still leave the keys in your car in Cyprus and most of the locals don’t bother to lock their doors but properties on the almost deserted coastal resorts in winter make a tempting target for burglars. With that in mind, you should carry out a final security check of the doors and windows whenever you are going to leave your apartment or villa unoccupied for an extended period of time.

Securing your outdoor areas

One of the biggest benefits of the Cyprus climate is that it allows us to spend most of our free time socialising and entertaining outdoors. Many property owners will have invested in a wide range of furniture such as dining sets, sunbeds, and outside kitchen areas too. It is important to make sure that these items are securely locked away not just to keep them out of reach of temptation either. The south-east coastal resorts are notorious for winter storms so unless you want to spend the first day of your next Cyprus holiday retrieving your furniture from next door’s pool you need to make sure everything is secured.

To turn it on or turn it off that is the question?

Unless you have arranged for someone to “look in” on your property from time to time during the offseason it may be a good idea to turn off the water and electricity. If you have an irrigation system for the garden or a pool, make sure they are still fed when the water is shut off into the property.  Water leaks can wreak havoc on your own and adjacent properties especially if they occur in an apartment. What is worse is that the electric water pump may run continuously when it senses the pressure dropping and you could run the risk of coming back to the double whammies of a huge electricity and water bill.

Fridges, freezers, and appliances

If you do opt to shut off the utilities into your property don’t forget to empty and clean your fridge and freezer too. It is also recommended that you leave the all appliance doors ajar too so that nothing goes mouldy while you are away. If you do need to leave the water supply on it may be prudent to use the small taps that feed your appliances such as the washer and dishwasher to isolate them from the supply instead.

Ventilation and condensation

One of the biggest issues with buildings in Cyprus (and other parts of the Mediterranean) is that they are constructed using concrete and steel. As often as not, the reinforced steel rods absorb the moisture from the damp earth and seep it into the concrete in the walls and ceilings causing blistering and crumbling of the plastered finish. In most cases, this is exasperated by the lack of ventilation in many of the properties that are built in Cyprus. One way to minimise this effect is to leave a window or sliding door slightly ajar so that air is able to circulate inside the property. Bathrooms and downstairs toilets are ideal for this provided that you take the precaution of fitting security bars on the outside of such windows or doors.

Your route to perfect property peace of mind

The ideal option is, of course, to have someone keeping an eye on your property for you and that is where a professional Cyprus property management company can help. From regular inspections and security checks to dealing with any issues in your absence, they can provide total peace of mind at cost-effective prices.

If you want peace of mind concerning your property in Cyprus during the winter months you need to contact the Cyprus property management experts now and discover just how cost-effective their services can be.

Your Cyprus property in good hands

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