Do I Have To Pay Communal Fees For Facilities That I Don’t Use

One of the top concerns that we hear expressed by property owners on complexes where communal fees are charged is “do I have to pay communal fees for facilities that I don’t use”? The really short answer is that in many instances yes you will have to pay fees for certain facilities even if you never use them at all. That said, there may be instances on some complexes where communal pools are reserved for only the properties in their immediate vicinity or other facilities that are within an apartment block that has villas on the same complex. The bottom line is that such things would have to be included in individual contracts of sale and the truth be known they are quite rare in Cyprus.

Choosing not to use facilities and how that affects your fees

The hard truth is that choosing not to use a communal facility is exactly that; a matter of choice and it doesn’t deal with the fact that whatever choice you make it has been provided for you use should you see fit. Of course, this has historically lead to many disputes where communal facilities are provided that certain owners don’t need to use such as those who own private pools adjacent to communal alternatives on the same complex. The fact is that those pools would have been noted on the contract of sale and so, in effect, they come with the territory so to speak. In much the same way, you wouldn’t expect to choose not to use the lift and taking the stairs instead to exempt you from paying towards the maintenance and cost of operating it.

Understanding why owners resent paying fees for facilities they don’t use

Underlying most complaints concerning the payment of communal fees and their usage are the financial aspect of “why should someone pay for something they never use”?  Hopefully, the content of this article will offer some clarification on the matter but it is likely that the level of resentment towards paying such fees increases on a sliding scale in line with the amount involved. This tends to suggest that such property owners may be less reticent in instances where these fees appear to be more “reasonable”. Achieving a balance between keeping everyone happy with what they have to pay and the level of facilities that they are able to make use of is, therefore, one of the biggest challenges facing most resident’s committees.

Laying a smoother path to the payment of fees by partnering with a property management company

One tried and tested solution to the on-going issues concerning fees is to partner with a professional Cyprus property management company. Such a company will have a wealth of experience in accurately budgeting for your complex’s communal costs. From the cleaning and maintenance to communal utility costs and swimming pool maintenance, they will have done it all numerous times already. Through expert budgeting and the supply of the services and the experts that you are likely to need, they are able to reduce fees. That alone is likely to keep everyone happier and more predisposed to cough up the agreed communal fees without a fuss.

Dealing with the difficult cases

Difficult cases are an accepted component in complex management and historically there have been individuals who simply refuse to pay. This has always had a negative impact on those who do pay or proffer logical reasons why they might not which often this leads to a downward spiral of none payment of communal fees across the board.

The good news is that thanks to much greater clarity concerning how resident’s committees are operated, none payers can now legally be pursued for both their outstanding and current fees. This is possibly the biggest single factor that has enabled so many previously “downtrodden” complexes’ to revive and transform once more into pleasant places to live or spend your Cyprus holidays. Professional communal management companies also provide flexible administrative packages that are lawyer backed to ensure that everyone pays their dues one way or another.

Gaining the satisfaction that you aren’t carrying the financial burden alone

Even if you are likely to be called upon to pay for communal facilities that you won’t use, at least under the auspices of a reputable management company you will be assured that you are not carrying any deadwood. Unless it is your particular area of expertise, property management is better left to the experts. After all, you will have better things to do while enjoying your property in Cyprus than dealing with the hassle of communal maintenance.

If you want to make sure that the owners on your Cyprus complex aren’t paying more than they need to for their communal fees you should talk to the property manage management professionals. Contact those property management experts now and discover the difference they can make!

Your Cyprus property in good hands

LEE property services provides quality property services to suit your individual needs. Through attention to detail and as a professional team, we aim exceed your expectations first time, every time. We specialise in communal property management and maintenance. Should you require help and advise, or for us to provide you with a free quotation, please feel free to contact one of our team members who will be more than willing to assist you.

We have lots of other sites that we look after and will be happy to provide you with references. All our work is carried out on an “open-accounting basis” so you can see exactly where the money is going and what is being purchased. We pride ourselves on being able to reduce the running cost of your complex as well as taking away all of the hassle associated with running the property – leaving you free to enjoy your property as intended.

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